Karen Viggers_The Garret

Karen Viggers

Karen Viggers is the author of The Stranding (2008), The Lightkeeper’s Wife (2011), The Grass […]

Joshua Pomare_The Garret

J. P. Pomare

J.P. Pomare is an award winning writer. His short form work is published in Meanjin, Kill Your […]

Jane Caro_The Garret

Jane Caro

Jane Caro is an author, novelist, broadcaster, columnist and social commentator. She was awarded the Walkley […]

David Marr_The Garret

David Marr

David has been a journalist, non-fiction author and social commentator for more than four decades. […]

Shokoofeh Azar_The Garret

Shokoofeh Azar

Shokoofeh Azar was born in Iran seven years before the Islamic revolution. Shokoofeh’s early interest […]

Chloe Hooper_The Garret

Chloe Hooper

Chloe Hooper is a highly-awarded writer of fiction and non-fiction. She received a Walkley Award […]

Markus Zusak_The Garret

Markus Zusak

Markus Zusak is the author of six novels, including The Book Thief (2005), which spent more than […]

Jane Harper_The Garret_1

Jane Harper

Jane Harper published three international bestsellers – The Dry (2016), Force of Nature (2017), and The Lost Man […]

Jessica Townsend_The Garret

Jessica Townsend

Jessica Townsend’s first book, Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow (2017) was the biggest-selling Australian children’s debut […]

Fiona Wright_The Garret

Fiona Wright

Fiona Wright is a writer, editor and critic. Her first poetry collection, Knuckled, won the 2012 […]

Sam-Twyford-Moore_The Garret

Sam Twyford-Moore

Sam Twyford-Moore is a writer and critic. His writing – often about the connection between […]

Laura Tingle_The Garret

Laura Tingle

Laura Tingle is the chief political correspondent for the ABC’s 7.30, and was previously the […]

Leigh Sales_The Garret

Leigh Sales

Leigh Sales is one of Australia’s most respected journalists. She has anchored the ABC’s current […]

Clementine Ford_The Garret_1

Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford is a writer, broadcaster and feminist thinker speaker. She has been writing freelance […]