The Garret Podcast_Nic Brasch

Nicolas Brasch was the original host and co-founder of The Garret Podcast.

Nic is the author of more than 400 books, several of which have won Australian and international awards.

He teaches professional writing at Swinburne University, is Chair of Writers Victoria, is the founder of the Spirit of Punk, and is the founder of Writers in Residence (a company providing writing services to the corporate market).

In his teens, Nicolas read little outside crime fiction. In his twenties he read nothing but plays. In his thirties he read political biographies. Now he reads everything. Nic's favourite work of storytelling is 1001 Arabian Nights. His 16 volume edition of this work holds pride of place in his bookshelves.

Nic's favourite single works include Crime and Punishment, Novel with Cocaine, The Executioner’s Song and Fermat’s Last Theorem. His literary heroes are Bertolt Brecht, Dario Fo, James Ellroy, Peter Corris and Aaron Sorkin.